Bed and Breakfast

We used to offer this until...

The County Fire Officer closed us down. He would like to see self-closing fire doors and inter-connecting smoke alarms. The former would wreck the heritage of the house, the latter would be unlikely wirelessly to function through the thick stone walls. Before 2005, bed and breakfast establishments with only a few bedrooms were exempt from fire regulations. Then came a Deregulation Act. Beware Deregulation Acts; they do not do what they say on the tin. Far from getting rid of regulations, they create more.

One day risk-averse regulators will close down the very last business in the country. But if the revolution prevents that day of doom, we'll be glad to take in paying guests again.

Some of our friends nearby have managed nevertheless to comply with similar demands, and we can make recommendations if anyone wants to stay in the vicinity.

Pictured here is our second best bed, and a swain proposing a weekend away to his lass.