Our Next Open Days

Sunday and Monday 27th and 28th August 2017

Each year we aim to have open days in support of a worthy cause. This year we are splitting the proceeds between the second new stained glass window to be installed at St Remigius's Church across the road, and the Storehouse food bank in Melton Mowbray. The latter operates from an old pub provided free by Henry Storer's Charity and is operated by the Vineyard Church. Last year's proceeds helped instal the splendid new west window at the St Remigius which visitors to the house this year will also be able to see.

The sketch to the left shows Pippa Blackall's design for the second window.

Visits to the house are by guided tour with a maximum of twelve persons on each tour. Your hosts will be in Tudor costume, if not in Tudor character. The cost is 5 per head. On the day tickets will be on sale in the church, where you will be able to partake of Tudor-themed refreshments while you wait, and when replete adjourn to the gardens if the weather is clement.

Pippa Blackall's Studio