You'd like to visit us?

We offer three ways for you to tour, all in support of St Remigius's Church across the road or maybe some other worthy charitable cause.

We are house members of Historic Houses (HHA) and offer select tours followed by refreshments, through their Invitation to View scheme. You can find tours on offer, and buy tickets here. We only take around twelve at a time, so you will have plenty of attention and a chance to ask lots of questions.

If you have a small group and wish to arrange a private tour, then please contact us with your request. We can tailor these tours to your interests, such as local history or arcane conservation matters ranging from puddled wrought iron to green oak carpentry. By dividing up into small groups we can cope with 24 or even 36 visitors. We have even been known to don Tudor costumes to add to the occasion.

Some years we have also held a weekend of open days, open to all but not pre-bookable. As yet however, no open days are planned for 2023.

Previous tour proceeds helped instal the splendid new west and south windows at St Remigius, designed by Pippa Blackall, which visitors to the house will also be able to see.

Whichever way you choose to visit, you will get to see the whole house, not just a few selected rooms, and you will be given a picture of how the house came to be, and who was involved over the centuries.